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    Digital Sales

    The best way to sell digital content

    Publishers can sell digital access to their content on Issuu, as a subscription or as single issues. Issuu provides a secure content sales solution that works beautifully on any device.

    Digital Sales

    How to do Digital Sales

    How Issuu can help you to monetize your content in various ways:

    Single or subscription — Let your readers buy your magazine as a single issue or as part of a subscription.

    Fast and fair payment — Get paid directly by your readers with Stripe. Set-up is easy and funds deposit directly to your account.

    Controlled access — Only verified purchasers get full access to your Issuu content. You can control downloads easily.

    Promote and sell anywhere — Drive sales with free previews of stories inside your publication. You can share these via websites and social channels.

    Visit the Issuu store for examples of paid publications.

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