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    Design Visual Stories directly from InDesign

    The Issuu InDesign plugin is perfect for designers who want to easily create assets for their team. Provide your team with both your finished content and your social sharing assets, ready to go all at once.


    How-To Create Visual Stories from InDesign:

    1. Download the Issuu Stories InDesign extension from the Adobe Marketplace.?

    2. Open Adobe InDesign and create your content.?

    3. Under “Window” -> “Extensions” select “Issuu- Create a Story” to add the InDesign extension to your File options.

    4. Select “File”-> “Issuu- Create Story” to start creating your Visual Story directly from your InDesign file.?

    5. Select your Story Style from our selection of templated designs, and choose the pages or spreads you want to include in your Visual Story.?

    6. Our InDesign extension automatically generates vertical video assets for your Visual Story. Add extra details, including a Title, Publication Title, and Publisher Name.?

    7. Click “Edit and Share” to export your Visual Story to Issuu, where you can edit on the desktop editor tool. When prompted, connect your Issuu account to the InDesign extension.

    8. Edit your Visual Story from our desktop editor, and publish your Visual Story to start sharing!?

    Check out our Help Center for more details.

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